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PLEASE READ BEFORE WATCHINGDISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN DIGIMON SAVERS, OR ANY MUSIC PERFORMED BY WADA KOUJI! THIS FANDUB WAS NOT CREATED FOR PROFIT OF ANY KIND. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR! \n\nWell, here is my 3 languages version of the song \"Hirari\", the 2nd opening of Digimon Savers, and originally sung by Wada Kouji. It\'s the first time that I used subtitles. Well, I sung in the three languages: German (mother language), English and Japanese. I\'m sorry if I have mistakes in the English part but well it\'s not my mother language.\n\nI hope you like it. And don\'t forget this is just for fun!\n\nSong title: Hirari\nOriginal artist: Wada Kouji\nAnime: Digimon Savers\n\nDownload: http://www.mediafire.com/?yw23uutkdwk\n\nHere the lyrics. The English and the German texts are written by me! NO STEALING! If you want to use them ask for permission and give me a credit:\n\nGERMAN\nDer Schmerz meiner Flügel lässt nicht nach\nDoch ein Wunder erweckt die Kraft ganz tief in mir\nUnd mein Flug wird sich fortsetzen\n\nDer Wind der Träume wird mich führn\nUnd ich lasse den Regenbogen hinter mir\nDenn meine Reise muss weiter gehn\n\nUnd seh ich den Himmel über mir\nöffnen sich unbekannte Türn\nWas wird noch geschehn?\n\nIm Himmel findich sie bestimmt \nMeine Zukunft ja ich spür es\nIch muss nur meiner Kraft vertraun\nUnd ich kann gehn wohin ich will\n\nBitte führ mich durch\'s Firmament\nFühr mich und alle andren auch\nIch muss nur meiner Kraft vertraun\nUnd ich fliege soweit wie ich es will\n\nENGLISH\nMy unstopping eagerness \nshines within the countless stars in the sky\nAnd it glows brighter than ever before\n\nIn so many ages we meet\nAs if calling out for each other\nAnd I don\'t want to let you go again\nMy power is unlimited! \nJust don\'t be afraid\nI\'ll go anywhere just to meet you\nFlying to the future, in the sky\nIt is there, I believe itMy heart knows it is my soulAnd I\'ll be the one to grant your wishPlease will you guide us through the sky\nAll I can do is to believe\nThis endless dream, it is my soul\nAnd I will soar to a new world\n\nJAPANESE\nNaNa NaNa...\nSunao na tsubasa dare ni mo kegasarenu you\nNaNa NaNa...\nOwarinaki tabiji e\nSora o miagete saa!\nMichinaru sono tobira hirake!\nMirai e in the sky\nKanjita mama ni\nShinjita! it\'s my soul\nDoko made mo iki yo\nMichibike! in the sky\nMinna o tsurete\nShinjita! it\'s my soul\nHirari maiagaru\nMichibike! in the sky\nOwaranai yume\nShinjita! it\'s my soul\nHirari maiagare

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