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sorry about the wait..we didnt have internet for a week...sry again :)[SONG: One Step at A Time BY: Jordin Sparks]\n\n\nSEASON 2 Episode 2-\n \nTHREE WEEKS LATER-\n\nJosy was doing fine. Olivia and Joe where starting to understand how take care of a new born. Nick seemed to have a special connection with Josy and everyone figured “Uncle Nick” would be her first words. Susy and Kevin where closer than ever and Kevin was thinking about asking her to marry him. Ally and Danny seemed to be on the verge of ending their relationship. Nick and Alyson decided just to be friends because they both got an awkward feeling when they kissed. Frankie is LOVING having Josy aroundbecause he finally doesn’t feel like the baby anymore. And Mr. and Mrs. Jonas are loving being grandparents and are already starting to spoil Josy.\n\nJoe and Olivia decided on yellow and white for their wedding which would be held at the church the Jonas’ go to with a reception at the Jonas houseon April 14th. (guest list will be at the end of this epi.) at the reception preformers will indlude: Miley Cyrus, Switchfoot, Rooney, and Push Play\n\n2:00 A.M. Olivia, Joe, and now Josy’s house-\n\nJoe woke up to his daughter crying. He already knew this was her “I need my diaper changed” cryso he slowly got out of bed, trying not to wake up Olivia he opened the door and sprinted to Josy room down the hall. As soon as he opened the door Josy started giggling.\n\nJoe: Hey little girl\n\nHe walked over to the crib and picked her up and gently laid her on the changing tabel. He was about to attempt his first diaper change. Sure he had seen Olivia do it a million times but still had not tried it once. He slowly opened both sides of the diaper and lucky found only pee. He let out a sigh and looked at Josy and said “ thank you”. She must have understood because she started giggling again. He quickly changed her diaper wit no troubles and rocked her back to sleep. He ran back to bed and surprisingly didn’t wake up again that night.\n7:00 A.M.\nOlivia: JOE! Wake up hunny\n\nShe tried to shake him out of his deep sleep. Nothing worked.\n\nOlivia: ok joe I guess I’ll just have to bring a glass of cold water in here\nJoe shot up\nJoe: NO! Im awake baby im awake\nOlivia: Good morningmy sleeping beautyJoe: hahaShe kissed him on the forehead.Olivia: (picking out joes clothes) ok the wedding planner lady or whatever is down stairs waiting on us. JI took Jose (what she sometimes calls her) to your parents and we have to get everyong that’s in the wedding here by 8:30 AM. Oh and after all that we have to do Ellen at 6:00. (she turned back around and Joes mouth was wide open)\nJoe: we have a lot to do\nHe jumped up and got ready. Olivia ran back downstairs to find the wedding planner Mrs. Jonas had hired. She walked into the kitchen and the lady was sitting at the tabel examining the kitchen.\nOlivia: Hi im Olivia Robinson soon to be Jonas (she smilled wide)\nWedding Planner: Hi im Lillian Walace….your wedding planner (she shook Olivias hand)\n[ ok I know it was boring but I had to put it there..sorry}\n\nGUEST LIST\n• Mandy Van Dune (bridemaid)\n• Nick Jonas ( groomsman)\n• Kevin Jonas (groomsman –best man-)\n• Kevin Jonas the 1st\n• Denise Jonas\n• Frankie Jonas (ring bearer)\n• Noah Cyrus (flower girl)\n• Miley Cyrus (bridesmaid)\n• Trish and Billy Ray Cyrus\n maya kibbel (brides maid)\n• Ally Gray (bridesmaid)\n• Susan Lexian (bridesmaid)\n• Alyson Stoner\n• Meghann Jette Martin\n• Demi Lovato (bridesmaid)\n• Lauren Hugesson (bridesmaid –olivias bff)\n• Jordan Franicis (groomsman)\n• Roshon Feagan\n• Selena Gomez\n• Hannah Sheehan (bridesmaid –olivias other bff)\n• Cody Young\n• Braison cyrus and Brandi Cyrus\n• Avril Lavigne *sp*\n• Every Person that works at Hollywood records that helps the Jonas Brothers\n• Jessica Alba\n• Aly and Aj\n• The Veronicas\n• Chelsea Staub\n• All The Jonas Relatives\n• CJ Barran (gromsman)\n• Moises Airres\n• Jason Earls\n• Timbaland\n• And many many more….

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