Song: Angles and Airwaves - The Adventure---Take a trip back in time. To the X-Games 2006! The best X-Games ever! At BMX Vert Best trick, Chad Kagy lands the 540 Flatspin Double Tailwhip, but Kevin Robinson takes the Gold when he lands his first ever Double Flair. At the Rally, Colin McRae does a Roll Over at the final jump and Travis Pastrana gets the Gold. Sandro Dias takes his first X-games Gold in Skateboard Vert. At the Skateboard Vert Best Trick, the Snowboard Legend, Shaun White attemts the 1080, but it is Bucky Lasek who takes the gold with a Frontside Cab Varial Heelflip. Skateboard Street, Chris Cole does a BS 360 Ollie Kickflip. At Skateboard Big Air the crazy head, Danny Way pulls up a 75ft Gap Backflip, and at the Freestyle MoToX Best Trick, Travis Pastrana gets ready to make history when he finally is going for the Double Backflip.---Please, Enjoy and Comment!

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