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Tiffany: Kevin I think I might be pregnant...Kevin: *sarcastic* Great for youTiffany: With your babyKevin: What?!*Sarah saw Cici run up to her room so she thought something was up when she went to the living room she saw Kevin and Tiffany so she stopped and hid behind the wall so she could hear them*Kevin: We never even did itTiffany: You know that party we saw eachother at over tour? Someone spiked the punchKevin: Yea but you drank it too and you said you dont even remember what happenedTiffany: Well neither do you and Ive been pregnant for 1 month already kev and if you remember correctly that party we went to and supposeivly did it at was 1 month agoSarah: *gasped* *In her thoughts: Ive been sleeping with a daddy to be- O MY GOD! Thats soo wrong Im such a retard! No no no no*Kevin: Did you go to the doctors and take any tests you know to see who the daddy is?Tiffany: I was but the doctor said I need the guy who i think is the daddy to come with me and have a quick blood test so you have to come with meKevin: ugh god no fine...but i have to tell them Im leaving just wait in the carSarah: *was banging her head lightly against the counter*Kevin: Sarah Im going out okSarah: Just leave and make the world a better place. The mommy of your baby is waiting in the carKevin: *In kevins thoughts: WHAT?! The love of my life just heard that i might have gotten tiffany...pregnant?! NO no no no*Kevin: Sarah..Sarah: You know what kevin do you see those eggs over there how many are there?Kevin: *depressed* 2Sarah: I was looking at them and trying to give them any reasons to forgive you but there are too many *Kevin\'s heart dropped there were only 2 eggs- bad example but they were just making breakfast so ya know*Sarah: Go Kevin *Sarah went upstairs*Kevin: *looked up at her with tears building up in his eyes&he left. He went outside and got into the car and saw tiffany waiting for him*Tiffany: You ok?Kevin: *lying* *sad/mad tone* Im fine *He drove to the hospital checked in and entered a room where a nurse met him and got out needle she injected it into Kevin\'s skin. Kevin just watched the needle and prayed to god that he wasnt the daddy and he thought of Sarah laughing her smile her dark brown eyes that you could mistake for black ones and her straight black hair her converse and how much he loved everything about her**The nurse took out the needle and she left the room when he looked out the hall way he saw Sarah cradeling a baby*Kevin: Sarah?! *When the nurse passed by \'sarah\' she vanished it was only a figment of his imagination*Tiffany: What did you say?Kevin: O nothing*about 30 minutes later the nurse came back and looked at Kevin with a sad face*Nurse: Im sorry but...this isnt your baby *the nurse thought that Kevin wanted to be the daddy of this baby*Kevin: *a huge smile appeared on his face*Tiffany: What?!Nurse: He has no history of any sexual activity right?Kevin: yup none now I have to go see the love of my life *Kevin ran out and saw Sarah in the waiting room*Kevin: Sarah?Sarah: Kevin! Im sorry for what I said so are you the daddy?Kevin: no *smiles* Look Im sorry about what she said, it gave me a good scare toosarah: Kevin *Hugs him* Lets go home okKevin: Alright *Right then Jason bursts through the doors and didnt even notice Kevin and Sarah. Jason walked right up to the reception desk*Jason: Im looking for Tiffany RobinsonPerson at the desk thingy: You are?Jason: The daddy of her babySarah: Well problem solved lets go *She pranced right out the room and Kevin picked her up and twirled her around they started to laugh and then they kissed- they smiled and walked to the car and drove home*Nick: Where were you guys?Amy: Yea we all went downstairs and then realized you guys werent hereSarah: Wheres Joe and Cici?Kevin: You cant leave him alone with her...he tends to get...Sarah: We know*Suddenly they heard Joe let out a moan and then they heard Cici Moan too*Sarah: Please tell me they arent doing what I think they are...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Uh oh!So what do you think?Tell me, comment, gimme feedback =D~Cici

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