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Copyright© 2008 \nInnerNerd™ Productions\n\nChapter 30\n\nIt was New Years eve, almost a week later and I still couldn\'t stop thinking about that kiss... It was so perfect and the boy couldn\'t have planned a better set up. The only thing was now, everytime I saw Joe, I wanted to melt into his arms and have mylips be a part of his lips forever. And by the look in his eyes, I could tell he wanted to do the same. It was agonizing! I almost wanted to avoid him so I could dream about kissing him instead of seeing his face and wanting to give in to temptation. But Joe and I were unable to go very long withoutseeing eachothers faces in person. Oh well, if we couldn\'t kiss, at least we still had hugs. So we hugged eachother everytime we saw one another and they always lasted a LOOOONG time. And then we\'d always find reasons to hug eachother throughout the day. I got goosebumps every time he wrapped his arms around me and didn\'t care who knew it.\n\nKevin and I were hanging out in his room as he was getting ready for the party later that night. I was helping him decide what to wear and debating whether or not I should kiss Joe at midnight. Although I was leaning more towards not kissing him, the ideawas still on my mind. At this point, nobody but me or Joe knew about our kiss.\n\nShannon: Kevin, you know that song by Smokey Robinson? I Second That Emotion? *I always loved Smokey, and I knew Kevin knew the song because I made him listen to it many times before.*\nKevin: Well yeah, what about it?\nShannon: Ok, well, you know that line in the song \'A taste of honey is worse than none at all\'?\nKevin: Yeah, I never really thought about it tho. Why? What does that even mean?!\nShannon: It means that me and Joe kissed on Christmas and now I wish it never happened because I know how great it is and now I\'m only gonna want it more and more now and we can\'t! *I said it really fast and wasn\'t sure if Kevin had caught it all or not. He had.*\nKevin: You and Joe kissed?! *He had a surprised look on his face, but he was still smiling. He was happy for me and Joe.*\nShannon: Yeah... We did.... It was perfect! And all I ever want to do for the rest of my life is kiss thoseperfect lips of his. But I can\'t Kevin! *I started to cry, this age thing was really so annoying, why couldn\'t we just freeze ourselves and wake up the next day with Joe being 18 and me being 22. I didn\'t want to wait that long for real!*Kevin: I can\'t imagine how you and Joe must feel. *He came and sat next to me on Joe\'s bed and put his arm around me.* But at least this gives you time to know and love eachother for what you are on the inside. I mean, once you two can be together and start dating, it\'s gonna be well worth the wait. You\'ll see.Shannon: *It made me feel a little better, but I\'d already known everything Kevin had just told me. I just felt like crying about it and I think Kevin realized it, so he shut up and held me.* I just wish that time would go by faster and then, when we\'re finally together, go really slow. *Just then, I felt Kevin move his arm and heard him whisper slightly so I looked up and saw a shadow going away from the door. I knew who it was.* Joe!Joe: *He stopped and turned around and came into the room.* I didn\'t mean to interrupt. *He had a guilty look on his face, like he knew why I was crying. He seemed to be having some trouble looking into my eyes.* I\'m sorry. If I would\'ve known what that kiss was gonna do to us, I-Shannon: No! *Now I felt guilty for making him feel bad. I got up.* Joe, I.... I\'m glad it happened. I\'m glad I know exactly what I have to look forward to now. Even if it does kill me to know I can\'t have it now. I know that I *will* have it and I know that it\'s gonna be great. Joe, right before you kissed me, I prayed that you *would* kiss me!Joe: *He smiled, he seemed so relieved.* I asked God to give me the courage to kiss you... I guess great minds think alike. *He laughed a little.*Shannon: *I threw my arms over his shoulders and kissed him gently on his neck, not like gross, but sweet. And then hugged him really tight.* Great minds think EXACTLY alike!

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