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YEAH THERE\'s A PART 2Sorry didn\'t warn\n\nOk well here is Chapter 40 part 2\nMinds Of A Jonas\n\n\n~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\n\nJoe-YOUR HOME!!!\n\nEmily-Yeeaaaah\n\nJoe-OH MY JONAS \'\'hangs up\'\'\n\nEmily-Hello...oh well\n\nIn the living room in the Jonas House\n\nJOE RUNS IN\n\nKevin, Nick and Christina-Hey\n\nJoe runs out the door\n\nNick-......\n\nKevin-.........\n\nChristina-.......well then\n\nWith Joe RUNNING WEIRDLY lol\n\n\nJoe-\'\'calls Emily\'\' Hey look out your window\n\nEmily-HUH??\n\nJoe-\'\'getting to Emily\'s porch\'\' Look out the window!!\n\nEmily-Im in the bathroom!!!!\n\nJoe-Uhhhh \'\'thinks\'\' WAIT a minuet \'\'climbing vine to Emily\'s balcony\'\' Now look out your door\n\nEmily-MY GOSH WHAT IS IT a \'\'looks out door and sees Joe with Roses and A Guitar\'\' \n\nEmily drops her phone and walks out onto her balcony\n\nJoe sits Emily down on a chair and He sits on the other and sings her Sorry \n\'\'one of there songs\'\'\n\nJoe-\nAnd Im Soorryy for breaking allthe promises that I wasn\'t around to keep\n\n\nAnd Im SOORRRYYY this time is the last time I will ever beg you to stay\n\nBut your already on your way\n\nJoe stops and kisses Emily passionately\nAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW\n\nAt the Jonas House\n\nNick finishes eating and calls Stormi\nFINALLY she answers\n\nStormi-Hello\n\nNick-Hey\n\nStormi-NICK???\n\nNick-Uh Yeah\n\nStormi-Sorry but you are the last person I-\n\nNick-Stormi I gotta ask you something\n\nStormi-Ok what\n\nNick-What is your last name?\n\nStormi-Robinson why?\n\nNick-Ok cool\n\nStormi-WHY???\n\nNick-Dunno\n\nStormi-Why did you call?\n\nNick-I just wanted to talk\n\nStormi-Bout what\n\nNick-Dunno\n\nStormi-Well I am coming home tomorrow YAY\n\nNick-Really, Christina is back..well she didn\'t leave but...its wierd but she is here\n\nStormi-Really SWEET oh and my lil sis said hey\n\nNick-Awww I can hear her she is so cute\n\nStormi-Yeah SOMETIMES!!\n\nNick-HA HA\n\nStormi-Well I gotta go bye Nick\n\nNick-Bye Stormi\n\nNick hangs up and writes a song\n\n~~~~~~Nick starts to think about Stormi\nand has this weird feeling NO he thinks I can\'t love Stormi!!! But I feel that way\n\nWOW he likes ME WOWZA!!! But do I like him????????? We will find out soon maybe in a few hours OR MINUTES!!!\n\nLove Stormi MOOSEY

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