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SelectPlusOfficers With Access to Killed Inmate IdentifiedOfficers With Access to Killed Inmate IdentifiedThe Associated PressAuthorities in suburban Washington have now identified the three corrections officers who had access to an inmate found dead in his prison cell. That inmate was accused of killing a police officer. (July 10)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] Officials in suburban Washington have now identified the three correctional officers who had access to Ronnie White on the morning he was killed inside his own prison cell. The 19-year-old was found strangled, with a broken neck on the morning of Sunday June 29th. His death was later ruled a homicide. Just days earlier, White was arrested ... Accused of running down and killing Prince George\'s County Corporal Richard Findlay. The guards -- who had access to White and have become the focus of the investigation -- have now been identified publicly. Darrell Robinson represents one of the guards.SOT: \"this has been a total nightmare....innocent.\" Investigators say Russell Hardesty was in a closed control room on that Sunday morning, while Anthony McIntosh and Ramon Davis patrolled the prison section. On Tuesday, Hardesty answered investigators questions for the first time.SOT: \"hopefully he can get his life back...100% innocent...exonerated.\" The F-B-I and the Maryland state\'s attorney are now in charge of the investigation.SOT: \"everything is on the mind as well.\" The three guards all have clean records. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Kevin White------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: WJLA--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: Yes------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: Courtesy----------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:------------------------------------

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