Nifc_Newcastle \"International\" FC v High Spen-Bute Arms \"B\" BMX VIDEOS - BMX VIDEO CLIPS & MOVIES

A comprehensive \"destruction\" of the Bute Arms (Reserve) side by a fairly strong NIFC line-up. Over at \"High Spen\"? Where? Yes it took over 30 mins to find the flamin\' place, but once there the \"Northern Lions\" used the Bute Arms \"B\" side as a training workout and could and should have had at least 18 goals in total. Another one for the \"history\" books I guess?.. Chris Daley; Mark Nordenfeldt; Sam Njie; Dan Francis; Kevin Moore; Amadeu Baltazar; Mark Robinson; Gil Henriques; Ray Oshin; Jonathan Ellison; Ray Oshin SUB: Shaun Casmod - Well below full strength but more than enough to destroy the \"Spen\".. Enjoy!!