My Celeberty Family (a Jonas Story) ch.8 BMX VIDEOS - BMX VIDEO CLIPS & MOVIES

NEW CHARACTERS\nNicole-demi lovato\nJason- jason dolley\nAmy-sara paxton\nryan- ryan sheckler\nAriel-Victoria justice\nNathan-Josh Hutcherson\nJoe-himself\nkevin-himself\nnick-himself\nfrankie-himself\nmaddie-hannah robinson (last picture)\nAshley- herself\nChelsea-herself\nSelena- selena gomez\nOK NOW WITH THE STORY:\nNicole: yea who is it?\nJason: ryan sheckler.\nNicole: AWESOME!! o and bring ur swimsuits were in the swimming pool\nJason: ok *hangs up*\nAriel: *texting* hey u wanna come over?\nNathan: *text* sure.\nAriel: *text* bring ur swim suit.\nNathan:*text* ok!\n*END OF TEXT CONVO*\n*the boys ring the doorbell. Ariel,Nicole,and amy go and get the door*\nAriel: hey guys!\nNicole: hi!\nAmy: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH\nAriel: dont mind her she\'s jus a little shocked. she\'s been meeting famous ppl all day.\nRyan,and Jason: its kool.\nNathan: *comes* hey\nAriel: hi!\nAmy: omg! is that Nathan from elementary school??\nAriel:umm yeaa *whispers to amy* he\'s my BF\nAmy: NO WAY!!! NO FRICKEN WAY!!\nAriel: yupp...\nNicole: if u guys are done chattin lets go swimming!\nEveryone:ok. *they go to the pool. they have fun. eat dinner. now their watching a movie*\n*ryan and amy*\nRyan: soo i hear u like skateboarding.\nAmy: yea my bro taught me.\nRyan: o thats kewel. so i was wondering do u wanna go out sometime?\nAmy: yea that\'d be awesome!\nRyan: kool! heres my number.\n*with kevin and ashley. well their not saying anything cuz their sleeping (AN:lol)*\n*with Nathan and Ariel*\nNathan: so...\nAriel: *yawns*\nNathan: tired?\nAriel: very!\nNathan: here u can lie down on me.*ariel Lies her head on his shoulder and falls asleep*\n*selena and Nick*\nSelena:*freaked out cuz its a scary movie* dont go in their!!!! AHH\nNick: sel its just a movie*puts his arm around her. she leans her head on his shoulder and falls asleep.*\n*joe and chelsea are asleep*\n*With Jason&Nicole*With Jason and Nicole their outside talking*\nJason:hey i was wondering...\nNicole:wodering what?\nJason:well will you be my gf??\nNicole:omg yes!!*just as jason was about to kiss her someone comes out*\n???:NICOLE!!!!!!!\nWHO CAME OUT SIDE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?\nplease comment and rate!!!\nPeace,Love,Jonas\n-Ariel&Nicole! :)

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