CASSIE\'S P.O.VRandall:*puts arm around* so what should we do now?Cassie:*takes arm off*I don\'t know and I said we\'re friends not datingRandall:But whyCassie:You know why!Randall:Right,NickCassie:Shh! papparazzi can still be here!Randall:What please!Cassie:just don\'t say anything!Randall:Ok,ok see you later?Cassie:Yeah *hugs*ROSE\'S P.O.V\nWe got home and we felt bad especially Nick she said they were friends but I guess we were wrong\nRose:*gets in and turns on T.V*Man I hate it that she\'s with him it just give me the willie nillies\nSelena:Yeah OMG look at this guys!\nAnnuncer:If Nick moved on I guess Cassie can too looks like she found a new boyfriend as they were seen hugging and walking around together he goes by the Name of Randall Robinson ex-boyrfriend of her and reuniting its weird isn\'t it?\nI turned off the television and we all looked at Nick he looked so sad\nNick:What? She can move on *walks into room*\nCassie:*comes in*\nWe all looked at her mad\nCassie:What do you want?\nSelena:Dating Randall huh?\nCassie:No! \nRose:then why does it say it on E!\nCassie:So what if he hugged me and put his arm around me we\'re just friends I mean god your gonna believe everything the T.V says?\nRose:Well then how come aboutthat time I talked to you and believed who Ncik was dating on E!\nCassie:Well you gave me the warning!\nRose:Then why do you still have feelings for him!! oop*covers mouth* \nJoe:What\nEveryone looked at me like I was a blabber mouth half clueless and half angry.\nCassie:Gee thanks for giving up my secret yeah we aren\'t best friends anymore and you could forget the b-day party I\'m not coming! *slams door*\nSelena:Way to go!\nEmily:Yeah!\nRose:guys I\'m-\nSelena and Emily:We know your sorry and we\'re still your friends we\'re gonna find a way to make it up to CassieJoe and Kevin:We\'re confusedSelena:We\'ll tell you laterCASSIE\'S P.O.V.\nI really hoped Nick didn\'t hear that I was crying and I took off my earrings and got on my bunny pj\'s and saw an envelope come under the door my eyeliner was rolling down my cheeks so i wiped it off\nNote:come to a party with us please!\nI walked out and they all had puppy faces on icouldn\'t resist.\nCassie:*Smiles*Ok\nWe went to the party it was so much fun I brought Randall with me the guys were mad but they decided to except that we\'re friends,\nWaitress:Pina Colada?\nCassie:Sorry I don\'t drink alcohol\nWaitress:Its alcohol free!\nCassie:Ok*sips* wow its good \nA few minutes laterafter I was done drinking the Pina Colada I felt like throwing up\nCassie:I\'ll be right back! *goes to the bathroom in a stall and throws up in the toilet\nRose and Selena:*laughing*\nCassie:*Throwing up*\nRose:Cassie? Is that you?\nCassie:Yeah*throwing up*\nSelena:What happened?\nCassie:*sweating* I guess it wasn\'t alcohol free\nRose:Aww man tell the guys lets go\nSelena:ok\nWe got home and unfortunately I was still puking my brains out Randall stayed with Miley but I swore they were kissing it must\'ve been the pina colada anyways.\nJoe:Eeew\nNick:I know are you sure you ok?\nCassie:*can\'t talk so nods*Nick:I am just gonna sit back here\nRose:*holding back Cassie\'s hair* We\'re home come on lets go through the back\nCassie:I\'m feeling dizzy now\nSelena:uh oh\nCassie:*falls back*\nNick:*catches her*\nEveryone:Looks at them\nNick:What she fell!\nI blacked out the next thing I know its morning and I fell likea hangover\nRose:He how you feelin?\nCassie:Good I think but I have a headache and a hangover\nNick:I\'m gonna talk to Miley about it sorry\nCassie:*puts ice over her head* no its ok I think going down\nNick:*catches her again*\nCassie:Thanks I feel light-headed\nEveryone:looks at them gasping and smilingNick and Cassie:What?\nCassie:I think I should get up now\nNick:Yeah...\nCassie:*gets a text* guys I have to go see Randall\nRose:him again?\nCassie:Hey I thought you wouldn\'t be mad. \nNick:Well we\'re just-\nCassie:Just what is my life always a problem?oww\nSelena:you ok?\nCassie:I\'m fine I am going out atleast there\'s one person who doesn\'t follow me around and that\'s Randall bye\nSelena:We said we\'re sorry\nCassie:Yeah but you still can\'t trust me, look I came back for a reason and thats so see my friends and to have fun but I guess not I gotta go\nRose:But Cassie We are sorry\nCassie:I am too *leaves*

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