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Kevin Maynor, bassIn my uploads I have generally chosen to concentrate on great singers of the past, but I do make some exceptions. Having been enthralled a few years ago by the dark and richly sonorous bass voice of Kevin Maynor, I thought it a shame that no recording of his has been available on Youtube. Time tochange that situation!\n\nThe Ballad of \"Joe Hill\" comes from Kevin Maynor\'s 1998 album of songs associated with Paul Robeson. The subject of the abovementioned song, Joe Hill, was a Swedish immigrant to the US at the turn of the 20th century. He was a songwriter, member of the IWW(Industrial Workersof the World), and labor activist, eventually ending up in Utah, where he was convicted of murder and executed in 1915. Some believed that Joe Hill had been framed, and he was memorialized in a poem by Alfred Hayes about a dozen years after his death. The text was then set to song by Earl Robinson in 1936:I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,\nAlive as you and me.\nSays I \"But Joe, you\'re ten years dead\"\n\"I never died\" said he,\n\"I never died\" said he.\n\n\"In Salt Lake City, Joe,\" says I,\nhim standing by my bed,\n\"They framed you on a murder charge,\"\nSays Joe, \"But I ain\'t dead,\"\nSays Joe, \"But I ain\'t dead.\"\n\n\"The Copper Bosses killed you Joe,\nthey shot you Joe\" says I.\n\"Takes more than guns to kill a man\"\nSays Joe \"I didn\'t die\"\nSays Joe \"I didn\'t die\"\n\nAnd standing there as big as life\nand smiling with his eyes.\nSays Joe \"What they can never kill\nwent on to organize,\nwent on to organize\"\n\nFrom San Diego up to Maine,\nin every mine and mill,\nwhere workers strike and organize,\nThat\'s where you\'ll find Joe Hill,\nit\'s there you\'ll find Joe Hill!\n\nI dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night,\nalive as you and me.\nSays I \"But Joe, you\'re ten years dead\"\n\"I never died\" said he,\n\"I never died\" said he.\n\nKevin Maynor, who is a Fullbright Award winner and has received both the George London award and a Richard Tucker Career Grant, sings with a beautifully refined sound and much sensitivity. Although the song is not difficult from a technical standpoint, there is no doubt this is a major voice. I have only one question then: why in the wide world isn\'t this man at the MET?

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