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*WHEN WE LEFT OFF* Diana Just found out about NIck\n\nDiana-(gasps) Im sorry did you just say \"Jonas\"?\n\nNick-Yeah why?\n\nDiana-Im Diana Robinson\n\nNick-Oh\n\nDiana-I should go, i mean our parents HATE eachother!\n\nNick-WAIT!!!! Do you like me?\n\nDiana-Yeah\n\nNick-DO you think you would like to go out again some time?\n\nDiana-Yeah\n\nNick-then who cares if they\'re in some silly arguement? things that are going on between THEM have absolutely nothing to do with US.\n\nDiana-wow, i never thought of it like that. ok then i just need to find my sisters and talk to them. and we need to avoid being seen by people or else they are gonna be all up in our grill.\n\nNick-yeah your right. geez thats so annoying.\n\nDiana-i know right. ok i just texted Katrina and shes with Kendyll over there.\n\n*they go over where Katrina and Kendyll are and see a Batman and a Superman with them* **this part can be a bit confusing and its supposed to be funny and if you dont then just ask for a further explaination**\n\nDiana-ok, Katrina, Kendyll BIG NEWS!!!...\n\nNick-Joe? Kevin?\n\nJoe and Kevin-Nick?\n\nDiana-*pointing at the guys* Jonas.\n\nKatrina and Kendyll-Jonas?!\n\nNick-*pointing at girls* Robinson.\n\nJoe and Kevin-Robinson?!\n\nKatrina-*pointing at herself* Katrina!\n\nKendyll-*pointing at herself* Kendyll!\n\nDiana-*pointing at herself* Diana!\n\nKevin-*pointing at himself* Kevin!\n\nJoe-*pointing at himself* Joe!\n\nNick-*pointing at himself* Nick!\n\nJoe-Oh how the tables have turned!! (get it?)\n\nKendyll-*to Diana* How did you know they were Jonas?\n\nDiana-Nick and i started dancing not knowing eachothers names and then we went to starbucks, started talking and then he said his name.\n\nKatrina-Oh my gosh! we should go.\n\nNick-hang on. i said the same thing to Diana: the silly arguements between our parents have nothing to do with us. so, Katrina, if you really like Kevin, then it should be a non-issue. And Kendyll the same with you and Joe.\n\nKatrina-wow. you have an EXCELLENT point. i never thought of it that way.\nAnd i really like you Kevin!\n\nKevin-I really like you too Katrina!\n\nKendyll-and Joe i really like you.\n\nJoe-Same here Kendyll.\n\nDiana-see? thers no need to run far away from each other.\n\nKevin-yeah exactly. but now i think we should exchange numbers now ccuz our car should be here any minute.\n\n*they put numbers in phones and then go home*\n\nKendyll-WOW!! what a nite!!!! I had like the best time EVER!!\n\nKatrina-I KNOW!! good job Diana\n\nDiana-Thank-you thank-you. i know im brilliant!! please, hold the applause!\n\nKatrina-geez Diana! a little full of ourselvs are we?\n\nDiana-NO!! (lol)\n\nKendyll-do you think i should call or text him?\n\nKatrina-No. you dont want to sound desperate.*at that moment all three of their phones made a noise telling them they had a text* Nevermind. i guess they wanted to sound desperate!(lol) wat does ya\'lls say?\n\nKendyll and Diana-wanna hang out?\n\nDiana-JINX!!!!! go get me a soda! \n\nKendyll-geez!\n\nDiana-wat does urs say?\n\nKatrina-Same. should we reply \n\"yes\"?\n\nDiana-I think we should. lets wait till Kendyll gets back to ask her\n\nKendyll-*back with Dianas soda* ask me wat?\n\nDiana-should we reply yes?\n\nKendyll-DUH!!\n\nKatrina-ok we need to be very discreet. Kendyll, that means we need to be sneaky. *in a tone of voice that you would use while talking to a kindergartener*\n\nKendyll-QUIT THINKING THAT IM ILLITERATE!!!! *f.y.i. Kendyll isnt the brightest bulb in the tanning bed*\n\nDiana-then dont act like it then we wont think it. ok, i told Nick that we would meet them at pinkberry in15 minutes.\n\nKatrina-sounds good. Kendyll text JOe the same thing and ill text Kevin (but she doesnt text him \"see you in 15\")\n\n*they get ready to go then go downstairs and see their dad coming out of the kitchen* (A.N. its like 12 in the morning and their dad was getting a glass of water before he went to bed nd he was on his way upstairs)\n\nMr.R-Girls. What are you doing?\n\nKendyll-Um...we were going to egg and T.P. the Cyrus\' house as a Halloween prank.(Katrina and Diana nod along)\n\nMr.R-oh ok then. Have fun!\n\nKendyll-bye dad.\n\nKatrina-Nice save.\n\nKendyll-i know right!\n\nWHAT WILL THEY DO WHEN THEY ARE HANGING OUT?? AND WHAT DID KATRINA TEXT TO KEVIN INSTEAD OF \"SEE YOU IN 15\"?? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!

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