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*PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS I NEED QUITE A FEW TO CONTINUE!!! PLUS I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW HOW YOU LIKE IT!!!!!!!!! THANX!!**INTRODUCTION* Once upon a time, in a far away place called Hollywood, there lived two families. One family was the Jonas family and the other was the Robinson family. The Jonas\' had 4 boys, Kevin(20) Joe(18) Nick(15) and Frankie(7). The Robinsons had 3 girls, Katrina(20) Kendyll(18) and Diana(15). (gee would you look at how that worked out) Both families owned BIG record companies and were enemies in the business. They were to never come in any contact with the other. but one night that was all gonna change. The Big VIP halloween party was coming up and the 3 oldest boys and the girls wereinvited. Kevin was Batman. Joe was Superman and Nick was The Flash. Katrina was Batgirl. Kendyll was Supergirl and Diana was Wonder Woman. (gee would you look at how THAT worked out) Then they arrive and kinda split up going all over the place. First we come to Kevin, or rather Batman. Setting-Kevin sees this Batgirl character (can you take a wild guess as to who it is??) and walks up to her and says: \n\n\nKevin-Hey Batgirl how are you liking the party? \n\nKatrina-well it\'s pretty insane! how are you liking it? \n\nKevin-It would be a lot better if you hung out with me! \n\nKatrina-ok cuz you know everything is funner with me!! (they laugh) \n\nSetting-they go and hangout together and even though they are \"enemies\" they dont know who they are cuz of the costumes and for some crazy reason they keep calling eachother Batman and Batgirl probably cuz they are caught up in the moment. Ok, so Joe sees a Supergirl character and walks up to her and says:Joe-Ok, do you remeber wat the secret plan is? \n\nKendyll-No \n\nJoe-oh come on! remeber we were supposed to hang out together and freak everyone else out!! \n\nKendyll-(cathing on to the hint) OH YEAH!! right that secret plan! im ready LETS GO!!! \n\nSetting-they go off freaking people out and the samething happens with them as Batman and Batgirl-they never really say their names. Diana is dancing in the dance floor area and is dancing and having a great time until she sees this Flash character sitting all alone in the corner looking sad. she goes over to him \n\nDiana-hi would you like to dance?Nick-oh! uh yeah, sure. (they start dancing but Nick, or, The Flash, seems kinda out of it.) \n\nNick-would you like to go some place quiet and talk \n\nDiana-sure id love to \n\nNick-Where should we go thats quiet? there doesnt seem to be many places that are \n\nDiana-I think that theres a Starbucks like two buildings down that we could go in. \n\nNick-ok sounds great! (they go to that Starbucks and order) \n\nDiana-I\'ll have a caramel frappachino, decaf \n\nNick-I\'ll have the same but sugarfree \n\nDiana-Why are you getting a sugarfree frapp? \n\nNick-oh cuz im a diabetic \n\nDiana-oh \n\nNick-Why are you getting a decaf one? \nDiana-cuz im already pretty hyper from all of the candy and if i get any more hyper you will probably want to run very far away cuz i get REALLY scary when im that yeah \n\nNick-ok then i see. So why did you pick Wonder Woman for Halloween? \n\nDiana-cuz shes awesome! DUH!!Why did you pick the Flash? \n\nNick-cuz hes super duper fast! WA-CHA!!! (they both laugh) How old are you? \n\nDiana-15. I\'ll be 16 next August \n\nNick-Same here except for 16 next September. Do you have any brothers or sisters? \n\nDiana-2 sisters, both older. their names are Kendyll and Katrina. oh yeah duh i dont even know ur real name. \n\nNick-Oh yeah its Nick Jonas. \n\nDUH DUH DUH DUHHHH!!!!!!!!! Wat will happen?? Will Diana just completly say goodnite and good bye to Nick and listen to her parents? Or will she say \"Screw the parents I like this guy!!\" and how and when will Katrina and Kendyllfind out about there their new \"BUDS\"? you gotta read the next one to find out!!!!!

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