Hold on? [Jobromance Chapt. 25 Part 1] BMX VIDEOS - BMX VIDEO CLIPS & MOVIES

WEDDING DAY!(In the Girls\' Changing Room)\nHollie: How do I look?\nMrsRobinson: Beautiful.\nMrsRemero: Terrific. \nSydney: Awwww!\nKnock.. Knock..\nSydney: I\'ll get it, *looks through the hole* nevermind it\'s Joe. Mrs.Robinson can you answer it?\nMrs.Robinson: Sure Thing Sydney. Hi Joe.\nJoe: Hi Mrs.Robinson. We needour ties.\n*she hands them to him, he leaves, everyone\'s ready and the flower girls are walking down the aisle, Elle goes next, then Anna, and then Sydney*\n(With the boys earlier)\nMrsJ: My Boy, I\'m so happy. *wipes away her tears and blows her nose*\nMrJ: I\'m Proud Of You Son.\nNick: Where are the ties?!\nJoe: I\'ll go get them\n*Joe leaves*\nKevin: I need to tell you something.\nNick: okay.\nKevin: Sydney\'s here. Don\'t tell Joe. It\'s a surprise.\nNick: Sweet.\n(Back to when Sydney was walking down the aisle)\n*Sydney starts walking down the aisle*\nJoe: *whispering to Kevin* What is she doing here?!\nKevin: *whispering back to Joe* Surprise.\n*Everyone is at there spots when the music starts to play, they turn the corner and Kevin sees Hollie and her dad, she walks all they see is each other, but then they get there and Mr.Robinson goes to sit down*\nPriest: Everyone we are-\n*fast forward!*\n(A/N: Sorry.. skipping the boring crap!)\nPriest: And Kevin Do You Take Hollie To Be Your Wife?\nKevin: I Do.Priest: And Hollie Do You Take Kevin To Be Your Husband?Hollie: I Do.Priest: You May Now Kiss The Bride.*they kiss everyone cheers and waits outside for them to come out*(Outside Waiting For Mr. and Mrs. Jonas)???: *puts hands in front of Joe\'s eyes* Guess who.Joe: Anna????: *puts hands down and runs away*Joe: *looking around and sees Sydney running away* Sydney! *he chases after her*Sydney: I thought you would remember!Joe: Me and Anna are a couple...Sydney: Oh.Joe: What\'d you think? We could just get back together?Sydney: What\'s wrong with you?! This isn\'t the Joe we all know. It\'s not the one I used to play with as a kid. Or who Kevin and I used to tease. And it\'s not the Joe I fell in love with.Joe: People change and Promises are broken.(A/N: Used a Jonas Song Quote! =D)Sydney: Oh I have something to tell you.Joe: I wonder what it could be.Sydney: You would have never guessed what I\'m about to tell you.. And now You\'ll never know! *walks away*Joe: *grabs her* Tell me.Sydney: Kevin and Hollie are done. Time for reception.(A/N: What is up with Joe?! I wonder what she has to say...)(At the Reception!)(A/N: Please watch the video it shows everything for the wedding!)DJ Person: It\'s time for the First Dance.Kevin: *holds out hand*Hollie: *takes hand and start to dance, she rests her head on his chest*???: May I have this dance?Sydney: Collin?(A/N: If you don\'t remember Collin is her boyfriend she broke up with for Joe)Collin: Yeah. Hollie asked me to come.Sydney: I\'d love to dance.Collin: Wonderful,*Sydney dances with him but doesn\'t rest her head on him*Joe: Anna want to dance?Anna: Yes. Very Much.*they had there foreheads together and they are centimeters apart but then BAM! Someone bumped into them and Anna fell*???: So Sorry!Anna: Sydney Why\'d You Do That?!Sydney: It was an accident I was trying to get to my table. *smiles*Anna: Just because Joe is mine doesn\'t mean he still loves you.*one single mascara colored tear ran down Sydney\'s cheek*Sydney: Uh... I have to go. Bathroom Break.(With Sydney in the bathroom)*she is standing there crying when Hollie walks in*Sydney: Oh, Hey.Hollie: You been crying?Sydney: A little.Hollie: Anna or Joe?Sydney: Anna.*Sydney tells her everything then go out together*Kevin: Hollie Time To Sing!Sydney: Bye Guys.*Kevin and Hollie are singing Inseperable, then they sing When You Look Me In The Eyes, and Kevin sings by himself and sings Just Friends*??: Sydney, Want to dance?Sydney: Joe? Why shouldn\'t you dance with Anna?Joe: I dumped her after what she said.. I know I mean why on Kevin\'s wedding day. But I mean.. I don\'t really know.Sydney: Sure. I\'ll dance with you. *gives a fake smile*Joe: *starting to dance with her* I\'m ready to hear that secret.Sydney: Okay... Here it goes...Maybe another tonight okay? Idk.. Later. Got 2 new webkinz. :P Croc and Toucan. =)

Anna, Elle, Hollie, Jonas