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Song:Forget(LIVE)Artist:Demi LovatoNick Jonas:Nick Jonas is every girls heartthrob in America.Before he became a Jonas Brother he lived a normal life.He hung out with is friends and went out on dates.Until,one day he got discovered along with his brothers while singing in his garage(A/N:I know that he didn\'t get discovered in his garage)He had a girlfriend named Ashley Davis and left her when he signed the contract for a record label.He forgot about her and now he was dating other celebs.He has brown curly hair,brown eyes,and is 16.(a/n:You should know how Nick looks like right?And i know that Nick isnt 16.:a/n)\n\nAshley Davis:Ashley is 15.Nick and her were best friends and eventually became BF and GF.When Ashley found out that Nick left without telling her she got really mad and forgot about him.She knows about the Jonas Brothers but doesn\'t know that Nick Jonas was the guy she had come out with.She has blonde hair thatpasses her shoulders,bangs just like Demi Lovato had them in As The Bell Rings,big green eyes,and stands at 5\'4.\n\nJoe Jonas:Joe Jonas is the funny guy and lead singer of the band him and his brothers are in.He was going out with a girl named Priscilla.He left her and forgot about her just like Nickdid.Even though he didn\'t remember her a lot of girls he sees remind him of Priscilla but he still cant remember her.Joe is 19,has black hair,and brown eyes.He\'s dated AJ form Aly and AJ and Mandy one of his childhood friends.He wonders about the mysterious girl he always thinks about when he seesgirls that remind him of her.\n\nPriscilla Robinson:Priscilla was the rebel kind of girl.She had a purity ring but that didn\'t stop her from being a rebel.She loves to go out with her friends and have fun.She went out with Joe Jonas but she remembers he left for a reason.She is 18,dark brown hair thatpasses her shoulders, piercing blue eyes,bangs like Selena Gomez,and stands at a 5\'5.\n\nKevin Jonas:Kevin is the oldest brother out of Nick and Joe.He has brown hair,hazel eyes,and is 21.He\'s an awesome guitarist and is going out with Stella Madden.He was the only one that kept his GF.Even though they didn\'t see each other often he called her once in a while.\n\nStella Madden:Stella is 20.She has big brown eyes,brown hair that reaches her shoulders,and stands at a 5\'5.She is going out with Kevin and remembers about Priscilla and Ashley and she wants to tell the boys but she cant.She talks with Kevin every now and then but she has a secret no one knows about.Not even Kevin.\n\nSo tell me what you think!Should i keep going????You tell me!!

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