Brian Baumgartner and the Scrantones, with THE OFFICE cast! BMX VIDEOS - BMX VIDEO CLIPS & MOVIES

Brian Baumgartner sings Roxanne with THE SCRANTONES live at THE OFFICE CONVENTION in Scranton, PA. Saturday Night October 27th, 2007. It could almost be Kevin Malone singing with Scrantonicity II. Then, the big finale. The Cast members who attended THE OFFICE CONVENTION come out to join in and Dance to THE OFFICE THEME. Some even play instruments! On stage were Craig Robinson (Darryl Philbin), who came out and Danced with Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone). Then joining were: Ed Helms (Andy Bernard the Nard Dog), and Creed Bratton (himself) both playing the guitar. And Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer) dances then plays the keyboard. Craig Robinson also plays the keyboard! The rest of the Office Cast dance up a storm! Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin), Bobby Ray Shafer (Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration), PhyllisSmith (Phyllis Lapin-Vance), Oscar Nunez (Ocsar Martinez), Leslie David Baker (Stanley Hudson), Andy Buckley (David Wallace CFO) all dance like crazy! They\'re Rock Stars! Sorry about the sound quality. This was a tiny digital camera in close quarters with an very excited crowd! Absolutely no room for a big video camera. I had a blast. It sounded so much better in person and was so exciting to be there! I shed tears of joy when the Office Cast did this for us Dunderheads! I can\'t wait until next year!If you\'re an Office Fan (Dunderhead) like me, I\'d love to have you stop by my myspace page. the OFFICE LOVE!DUNDERHEADS RULE!

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