This is a fanvideo that I made for a fanfiction by Havah Kinny on I made the video because...well because Gavin and Nick are so damn cute. It\'s Jonas Brothers fanfiction I used Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas as themselves and I used John Robinson for Gavin Sway. The full link to the story is here: here\'s the intro in case you want a little taste of what this story\'s about.Kevin\'s POV\n\nIt had all happened so fast. The gunshots, the yelling, the screaming, then it was over. I pulled myself up off of the ground, opening my eyes. The second I was up security was pulling me back stage. I saw Joe being escorted back as well and I looked to my other side, expecting to seeNick, but he wasn\'t there. My heart stopped. Where was he? Ilooked behind me. Nothing. I looked back at Joe, not sure of what else to do, I hoped, prayed that Nick was alright, hiding behind an amp or something...but Joe clearly knew more then I did, maybe he hadn\'t closed his eyes during the attack. He was crying. At least I think he was crying, he wasn\'t close enough to tell. Once we were safely out the back door and in to one of the many black SUVs I looked over at Joe. \"Joe...what\'s wrong?\" I wasn\'t sure I wanted to hear his response.\"Did you miss it?\" he asked me, looking at me tearfully. I nodded, I was too scared for what he was about to say to do much else. \"Kevin they took him!\"\n\n\"W-what?\" My voice shook with fear as I looked in to Joe\'s teary eyes.\n\n\"They just took him.\" He shook his head slightly, almost disbelieving. \"They pulled from the ground, put a gun to his head and dragged him was almost like nothing else really mattered to them.\" Oh god. Oh god no. Not Nick, anyone but Nick...he was so...vulnerable. I couldn\'t speak to respond to Joe\'s words, sobs were catching in the back of my throat. Instead Iwrapped my arms around Joe and pulled him in to a hug. I knew were both worried about the same thing. Nick couldn\'t handle himself, not in a situation like this. It wasn\'t that he was weak it was that he was sheltered from practically everything. He\'d had us his whole life and now he was alone andprobably terrified out of his mind. I hated the thought. Why Nick? Why couldn\'t they have taken Joe or I? Hell, why not all of us? Was this a grudge thing? It couldn\'t be, Nick wouldn\'t even kill spiders, he made us take them outside...he wouldn\'t ever give someone a reason to hate him.\n\nThe song isIris by the Goo Goo Dolls, try and enjoy.

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