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Beyond Reality - Project Runway 4 - 12/12/07Last week on Project Runway - Chris went homeJack has noticed he\'s getting an infection in his noseBring out the models - They are all women who have lost a large amount of weight recently and are wearing their favorite outfits from when they were heavier but they don\'t fit anymoreThe designers have until midnight that night to use the clients old clothes to make a beautiful new look for themAfter meeting with the clients for 30 mins they will have 15 mins to shop&a budget of ten dollars to complete their outfitsPoor Steve got the hardest outfit - an old wedding dress :(Jack&Tim talkJack is pulling out of the competition so he can receive medical treatment for the infection on his faceEveryone is very upset at his leaving especially TimTim has a surpriseSince Jack left he is able to bring back ChrisSince Chris got a late start he may work past the midnight deadlineWhen Tim makes his critiques - he confesses to being an old fart :)Steve is having trouble with his design and breaks out the glueThe guest judge this week is Patrick Robinson from GapOur Favorite was KevinOur least favorites were Steve&KitThe judges highs&lows -Steve - he went from a wedding to a funeralKevin - awesomeElisa - too young - Ill fittingJillian - She only used piping from the former garment but Michael loved itChristian - Very cool look which was well fitChris - she looked like a French Hooker - a cheap oneThe results -Jillian - inWinner - ChristianKevin - inChris - inBottom 2 - Steve&ElisaSteve - outNext time -Field Trip with TimWeird ChallengeBad Critiques

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