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This goal by Boy Wonder on June 30, 1998 against Argentina is the single biggest reason Michael Owen has been over-rated in England for so long.Btw any Newcastle fans watching this, \'Big Sam\' was about to make a move for Andrei Arshavin in the January transfer window but his sacking put an end to that, and the current manager Kevin Keegan seems to have bigger things to worry about than buying up new players, and probably doesn\'t even knowwho he is. Send some emails or something, raise the topic. As a Zenit fan I believe he WILL move, the question is where. I can\'t stand the idea of him going to France, or low-scoring Everton, or worst rumor yet, Arsenal. Their current roster is loaded with talent but under performs, maybe he\'s themissing link? Not only is he a very good and under-valued player (clubs are apparently scared to offer Zenit something like £7 million), but he has a very old-school approach which is spectacular to watch. An excellent finisher who is versatile, and most importantly he has the rare quality of being a play maker. \n\nWhen I see Croatian run-of-the-mill shit going for £15 million transfer fews, well, I shake my head. Arshavin might not be Zidane or Ronaldinho [in their prime], but I think he\'s the next best thing. Anyways, something to think about.\n\nBTW Spurs were also interested in him and would of probably been a good fit but he made the mistake of insulting Robinson (his highness, England number one) indirectly following an International Qualifier and that put an end to that chapter. :-)

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