2008 OTFA Prep Meet #1 - Mens 200m, Fast Section (1 of 15) BMX VIDEOS - BMX VIDEO CLIPS & MOVIES

Toronto Track and Field Centre, January 20, 2008.Here are the results:\n1. Phillip Hayle, 91 Brampton T.C. In 22.56 (1st overall)\n2. Justin Robinson, 83 Etobicoke T.F.C. 22.68 (3rd overall)\n3. Phillip Campbell, 88 I Be Fast T.C. 22.89 (4th overall)\n4. Kevin Ignacio, 86 I Be Fast T.C. 22.97 (5th overall)\n\nThis race was shot in Sony high definition. For high quality DVD copies of this or other races on this channel, contact info@apisport.ca or visit www.apisport.ca.

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