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MPT\'s \"State Circle\": MD Senator David Brinkley\'s response to the State of the State address by MD Governor Martin O\'MalleyJanuary 23, 2008\n\nState Circle\'s Jeff Salkin, the host of Maryland Public Television\'s \"State Circle\" and State Circle\'s correspondent Charles Robinson interview Senator David Brinkley (R) and get his thoughtful and wide-ranging response to Maryland Governor Martin O\'Malley\'s State of the State Address\n\nSome of the best reporting on Maryland General Assembly matters is on Maryland Public Television\'s \"State Circle.\" Lots of great content in their video archives, which can be found here: State Circle Video Content\nhttp://www.mpt.org/publicsquare/statecircle/video.cfm\n\nClick here for more information about the MPT \"State Circle\" news correspondents: About State Circle http://www.mpt.org/publicsquare/statecircle/about.cfm\n\nFor more coverage of the Maryland General Assembly go to: \"State Circle\" http://www.mpt.org/publicsquare/statecircle/\n\n\nKevin Dayhoff www.kevindayhoff.net

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