Here\'s something different for a change. 1991 All Star featuring some great players from the golden era. This one probably had the weirdest ending of all All Star games.Some quotes about the final play of the game:\n====================\n\nWith three seconds to play, Kevin Johnson put up the shot.\n\n\"It felt good when it left my hands,\" he said. \"It was definitely going in. It was the game. I was going to be a star, without a doubt.\"\n\nBut just as the ball arrived over the front rim, Malone leaped and tried to tap it in. He was called for offensive basket interference.\n\nAnd that was probably the end of Kevin Johnson as possible MVP. That honor went to Barkley for his 17-point, 22-rebound and four-assist game. The 22 rebounds were the most in an All-Star game since Wilt Chamberlain\'s 22 in 1967.\n\n\"From my point of view, the shot looked like it had a great chance of going in,\" Magic Johnson said. \"I was thinking, `Yeah, yeah, yeah. . . . What is he (Malone) doing?\' I don\'t know what he was doing. All I know is the shot looked good. It was a perfect shot whether you win or lose on it.\"\n\n\"I think Karl was in disbelief about what he did,\" Kevin Johnson said.\n\n\"It was a weird way to end a good game,\" Robinson said. \"I thought the shot had a good chance of going in. But it was hard for me to tell because I was going to the board for the rebound.\"\n\n\"I shouldprobably have let it alone,\" Malone said. \"But I wasn\'t sure if it was going in. No, I wasn\'t paying off any bookies in Las Vegas.\"I just wanted to run and hide after I did it.\" \n\n======================

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