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17 riders, 2 bands, 5 roadies, 5 filmers, and 2 hosts embark on a 7 day tour, hitting skate parks and street spots across 5 states. DVD soundtrack features CD quality, professional studio mastered live recordings from Lucero and Thunderlip.1 lucky DVD purchaser will win a free $1000 shopping spree at\n\nDVD includes the following bonus sections:\n\nMeet Kyle the roadie contest winner\nHoffman gives his first tattoos\nCrash section\nThunderlip \"Highway Star\" (Deep Purple cover)\nLucero \"Little Silver Heart\"\nLucero \"Tears Don\'t Matter Much\"\nLucero \"I Aint So Lonely\"\nLucero \"Nights Like These\"\nOriginal Levis Rock Tour trailer\ slide show\nOrchid Footwear\'s Tiki Trails Jam\nStephen Murray bike auction benefit\n\nTotal content length: 1 hour, 50 minutes\n\nProps Road Fools took 17 riders and 2 bands on the road for 8 days init\'s second edition of the Road Fools Rock-N-Roll BMX Tour, presented by Levis.\n\nMetal rockers Thunderlip and BMX favorite Lucero rocked 5 packed skateparks from Michigan to New Jersey, with the BMX crew riding the parks and hitting up street sessions in between.\n\nTrip stops included Grand Rapids,MI, Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, and Lakewood, NJ.\n\nNathan Williams, Diogo Canina, Rob Wise, Cesar Monzon, Neil Harrington, Zack Warden, Sean Sexton, Dylan Smith, Morgan Wade, Brad Simms, Brian Kachinsky, Chase Hawk, Scotty Cranmer, Corey Martinez, Aaron Ross, Mike Aitken, and legend Mat Hoffman resulted in one heck of a crew packed in the Props and Etnies rigs.\n\nTrip hosts were Steve Crandall&Catfish.91 hours of footage later and you have one hell of a BMX video, inter-cut with live music.

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