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BMX Launch Ramp Plans with Membership


The bmxschool launch ramp is light weight, portable and perfect for back yard tracks. These ramps are made with a perfect vert angle and are ideal for lake jumping! The ramp plans are very easy to follow and if you have any questions while building your ramp you can call or email us with your questions.

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These ramps are also perfect for xr 50's.


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BMXSCHOOL ramps are designed for gaps ranging from 5-25 feet. We have found that the best gap for this ramp is 20'. At that distance, it's good to have a landing thats 4'-5' tall.

Our ramp plans are designed to obtain the durability, strength, and "pop" required for a top of the line bmx launch ramp.


Mike Smith hits the ramp at 5' for a 360.  
Our ramps are designed for gaps ranging anywhere from five to twenty feet,
to allow all skill levels of riders to work up to their potential.

These are the same ramps used in the images and videos found in bmxschool.

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