Are you ready to drop in and get some air? Meet veteran pro BMX rider Jay \"the Canadian Beast\" Miron. With over 20 years of experience, 9 X Games medals to his credit and 30 tricks invented (including the double backflip), Miron is truly one of the sport\'s most prolific riders. Miron, along with BMX pals Chad Kagy, Gary Young and Alistair Whitton have teamed up with sportskool on-demand network to bring you the best and latest in BMX instruction. With sportskool\'s on-demand format, you can learn at your own pace. So whether you\'re a beginner looking for some basic maneuvers or a seasoned rider in need of some sick new vert tricks, the Canadian Beast and his crew will guide you through the process step by step.sportskool is a FREE video-on-demand digital cable channel. Whether you are new to a sport, intermediate, advanced, or are even coaching others, sportskool will make a difference in the way you train and the way you perform. sportskool delivers one-on-one training, motivation and inspiration fromworld class athletes. For more information visit

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