Song: Hillsong United - From The Inside Out---Footage courtesy of Ryan Brennan and Team Soil A stay Strong Supporter.---On June 22nd of 2007 in Baltimore, MD at the AST Dew Tour Panasonic Open the most horrific crash in Action Sports occured.Proffessional BMX Rider Stephen Murray was known for his amazing riding which included 720\'s, 360 Backflip\'s, and Double Backflips.\n---\nOn his final run he attempted the Double Backflip and broke his neck. He is now Paralyzed from the neck down.\n---\nHe is 27 with a wife and two children. The oddsare that Stephen will never be able to walk again in his life.\n---\nHis attitude from day one has been amazing and he is now residing in a hospital in Denver, Colorado. He is now able to move his shoulders. He can breath for a substantial amount of time without the breathing tube. And not to long agohis wife told him to try to move his fingers and he wiggled his thumb, later he wiggled his pointer finger\n---\nThe action sports community has grouped together to help Stephen and his family with the cost of the hospital bills which have reached huge amounts. Unlike NFL, NBA, or other major sport series action sport athletes are not insured as well.\n---\nEveryone in the action sports community is doing everything in their power to raise money for Stephen and his family. But more money, people, and support are needed.\n---\nStephen Murray is a strong person and is doing the best he can do and trying as hard as he can. So the least we can do is donate some money to him and support him.\n---\nStay Strong Stephen Murray...\n---\nPlease, Enjoy and Comment!

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