BMX Back Flip-WiPeOuT! 2007 Bicycle Film Festival Toronto BMX VIDEOS - BMX VIDEO CLIPS & MOVIES

2007 Bicycle Film Festival had a BMX Jam at the Wallace Emerson Community Centre, 1260 Dufferin St, Toronto, Ontario Canada on August 26th, 2007. In this video a BMX rider attempts a back flip and wipes out. He was not hurt, and continued on to dazzle the crowd for the rest of the very successful day. Thank you to Michael Heaton for making the ramps, city of Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation for hosting the BMX park and hiring youth BMX semi-pro riders to teach BMX skills at camps over the 2007 summer, Toronto Crime Stoppers for the bike registration booth, and the addition of the graffiti art work on the ramps, 14 Division for their dedication to improving relations between the police and youth, and for the donation of bicycle safety information, and $20 coupons from WalMart towards the purchase of a Bell helmet. The coupons were given out to any youth who registered their bikes with Crime Stoppers. A special thank you to Benny Zenga and the whole Bicycle Film Festival for their dedication to this event, and youth/community engagement.

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